Alex Nichols

Alex Nichols is a free style weaver who follows the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which represents embracing imperfection.

Using a Saori loom and various hand weaving techniques, Alex creates wild and free wall hangings mixing textures and vibrant colors using yarn and unconventional materials such as strips of fabric from clothing like Aloha shirts, wire ribbon, jewelry, and toys.

Strings are left unfinished, tufts of roving are stuffed in, and items dangle to create an impressionist piece that delights and surprises viewers when they spy an unexpected item.

Alex is an artist with special needs who expresses himself through weaving and painting.

Alex’s piece, “The Smallest Animals”, is inspired by the movement “The Smallest Things.”

“The Smallest Animals” – weaving 12 x 80


Learn about Alex:

Website: Alex Nichols

Alex Nichols